Dream Cymbals IGNCP3 Ignition 3 Piece Cymbal Pack. 14"/16"/20" New

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This all cast cymbal pack consists of a hybrid between Bliss and Contact sounds and includes a bag, 14" hi-hats, a 16" crash and a 20" ride. We are proud to offer a starter pack to drummers in an effort to make sure the first cymbals they play are true hand hammered cast cymbals, which in our opinion are the finest sounding type of cymbal anywhere in the world.


• Perfect starter pack
• B8 starter pack price with high quality cast cymbals
• Excellent B20 hand hammered cymbal pack
 • A merging of the lathing from our Bliss and Contact lines
• 3 Piece Cymbal Pack: 14" Hi Hat, 16" Crash, 20" Ride and a bag